2023 in Review.


Backdated to December 2023. Hello CTS Community, What a year it’s been! As we approach the year-end and immerse ourselves in the summer festivities, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our collective achievements and share some exciting focus areas for 2024. On a personal note, steering the ship at Cape Town Swing has been a tremendous honour. …

Empowering Insights from WOMXN IN DANCE


As it is Women’s Month, we will be posting a series of blog entries that showcase the experiences and viewpoints of women. To begin, we believe it would be timely to share the insights gleaned from a recent gathering for women in the dance and movement communities of Cape Town. Recently, Cape Town Swing (CTS) took part in a significant …

Yana Sanamyantz in Cape Town


Oh gosh are we excited to welcome Yana Sanamyantz next week for a swing dance residency in Cape Town! Jazz dancer extraordinaire and great friend of the CTS scene, Yana Sanamyantz, arrives next week for a full 3-month residency with her partner, to get stuck into the dance community here by offering classes, workshops and private lessons! We’ve had several residencies in Cape Town over the years (including …

Class Level: Advanced

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This is where you really start upping your game! Musicality, variations and connection are key. You’ve got some classic lindy hop routines under your belt, like Trickeration, California Routine and the Big Apple. You’re inspiring others on the social dance floor, and you’re learning to shine with your own unique styling and solid and creative rhythm. You’re using your body …

Class Level: Intermediate

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You’ve been dancing for a while and feel more relaxed on the dance floor: more in your body, less in your head. You are comfortable social dancing swing outs and variations, switching between 6- and 8- count rhythms, and mixing in some charleston. You can have a fun solo jazz jam by yourself to swing music. You’re really starting to …

Class Level: Improver

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You have learnt all of the content that’s covered in our Beginner-level classes and workshops, but you’re not quite confident social dancing the content yet. You need more in-class focus on rhythm changes and partner connection, tweaks to get your swing outs and charleston feeling comfortable, and some tips on how to develop a habit of dance practice.

Class Level: Beginner

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Welcome! Perhaps you’ve never danced lindy hop before, or you’ve taken a couple of classes. Maybe you’re here to try something new, or perhaps you’ve danced other styles, or never really danced at all and would like to change that… In our Beginner classes and workshops, you’ll learn the fundamentals of lindy hop including 6-count vocab to get you social …