Solo Blues | All-levels Workshop


30 Jun 2024


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

In this workshop we’ll be diving into the foundational elements of blues dancing, learning to embody the movements as an individual before progressing to partner dancing in our upcoming sessions.

Join us as Makeeda shares her insights and learnings from the Big City Blues Festival in Ghent, Belgium. Be part of the exciting journey to build a vibrant blues scene within CTS.

In this workshop, we’ll focus on:

  • Freedom of Movement: Explore how to move with fluidity and express yourself freely.
  • Listening to Instrumentation: Tune into and follow individual instruments to inform your dancing.
  • Finding Rhythm: Connect with the beat and groove of the music.
  • Dancing to Different Blues Styles: Experience a variety of genres and styles within blues.
  • Isolation Techniques: Master the art of isolating movements for a more dynamic dance.
  • Driving Methods: Learn techniques to lead your movements with intention.

Additionally, we’ll touch on some of the history of blues music, providing context that will deepen your connection to this expressive dance form.

Teachers: Makeeda (guest) & Muriel

First-timers welcome! No need to bring a partner: we rotate partners in class. Anyone can lead or follow – roles are not gendered.

Note: CTS members get 30% off


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