Intermediate Classes


24 Jul 2024


7:15 pm - 8:15 pm


Observatory Community Centre
Rawson St, Observatory

Level up with our intermediate classes! Here, we will expand our vocabulary of lindy hop, charleston and solo jazz movement, using new “moves” as containers to develop better musicality, find nuance in our partner connection, discover new ways of moving our bodies, and open more doors to more joy in dance.

What does “Intermediate” mean to us? You’ve been dancing for a while and feel more relaxed on the dance floor: more in your body, less in your head. You are comfortable social dancing swing outs and variations, switching between 6- and 8- count rhythms, and mixing in some charleston. You can have a fun solo jazz jam by yourself to swing music. You’re really starting to get a feel for the music. You find that you listen to swing music between classes to keep your groove going. You may even spend time looking up the pros (Swing Era legends and international lindy hoppers of today) and start to take notes on cool moves and rhythms you want to try. You’ve started exploring dancing to much faster (e.g. 200 BPM) and much slower (e.g. 80 BPM) tempos. Maybe you’ve also experimented with switching to the other role! Read more on our Class Levels page.

Cost: R130 per person drop-in (pay on arrival with card, SnapScan or cash); CTS Members get unlimited classes (at their level). More info on our Pricing page.